This is a game created for the GMTK 2019 Game Jam.  The theme being "Only One". This game interprets this theme by only having one button, one objective, one screen, and most importantly, using only one of your senses, the sense of sound. 

Holding the mouse button causes the bat to fly higher, releasing it causes it to fly lower. As you fly higher and lower the pitch of the sound that the bat makes increases or decreases accordingly. The bugs flying in from the right side of the screen emit the same tone with the same rules as the bat. A bug higher in the air will have a higher pitch and vice versa.  By matching the pitch of the bat with the pitch of the bug you can find them, even in the dark. That is the point of this game. Using only one stimulus, find bugs for the bat to eat to allow you to maintain enough energy to keep progressing deeper into the cave. After a few seconds you lose the sense of sight and must use your "echolocation" to continue. 


PS - There is some sort of bug with Godot 3.1 where particle effects crash the game so they have been removed unfortunately. 

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